lamp designed by Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille lighting for your house

Serge Mouille was a French designer, who created his first lamps more than fifty years ago – in the early 1950’s. Currently, Serge Mouille lighting is one of the most popular and the company is trying to maintain the original idea of the founder.

Serge Mouille lights – simple form in the best quality

If you’re looking for some high quality lamps, you should definitely check the Serge Mouille lighting. The products are made with great care for details and thus, it will meet the requirements of demanding customers. If you’d like to design a house with great light – it’s one of the best options you have.

What do they offer?

The Serce Mouille lights can be used in many different rooms. You will find Serge Mouille floor lamps for bedrooms, living rooms, halls or dining rooms, ceiling lighting for all kinds of rooms or wall sconces. Thanks to the variety of choices you can make, your home will look amazing no matter which lamps you buy!

Serge Mouille lights – how to choose the best ones?

The great thing about Serge Mouille lighting is the fact, that they are highly versatile. Thanks to that, the lamps will look great in almost any kind of interor decoration.

What is more important is the arrangement of lamps. Try to put them in your house in a way, that will allow you to keep the right degree of lighting for various activities. For example, Serge Mouille floor lamps can be a great choice for reading places: you can move them slightly and get the best light for your reading sessions.