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Popular designer beds

A properly selected bed is very important. Comfort is the most important thing. When choosing any other piece of furniture is not so important. We sleep one-third of our life, so we should ensure the best possible sleep comfort. Comfortable bed and mattress is the basis.

Most of us live in a constant hurry and stress, so it is worth to provide ourselves with the easiest way to regain the weakened strength, that is, a comfortable, restful sleep. If we want to sleep, we must have a comfortable bed. Choosing the best designer beds is a very individual matter, but there are some universal rules to follow.

designer beds

Comfortable designer beds for one person should be at least 90 cm wide. However, for two 160 cm. Of course, the range of stores also includes narrower, 80-cm single or 140-cm double, because housing conditions do not always allow the insertion of larger beds. You can also make a bed to size, but it will also require the purchase of a suitable mattress, which will significantly increase the cost.

When we decide what size of the bed we need, we must choose the material from which the frame is made, because it depends on the durability of the furniture. Upholstered beds are increasingly offered. Their frames can be covered with fabric, natural or ecological leather. Depending on what style and color of upholstery we choose, they can emphasize the character of the bedroom. Because the choice of bed frame is actually aesthetics. The choice is huge, from stylized four-poster beds to minimalist beds resembling a Japanese futon.