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What kind of tapis rugs?

Rugs in the car are mandatory equipment. It is impossible to do without them. Many people have to decide when buying a vehicle whether they choose rubber or velor tapis rugs. Over time, however, it is worth replacing them. What are the best cc tapis? Which choose?

The sale is dominated by two types of car mats, rubber and velor. The first of them are made of plastic, are most often found in black, have different treads, and their most important element of construction is the edge, which prevents water from spilling out. The other ones are cut from a material commonly called velor, which has a capillary structure, classified as plush. Such tapis rugs come in many color options, they can be easily adapted to the interior of the vehicle.

Tapis rugs – Kooku

The drivers are convinced that rubber rugs are much better for the winter. They do not get wet, so snow and slush accumulate in them, which in time turns into water. Such rugs have a 3 centimeter rim that prevents it from spilling onto the floor of the car. Of course, you have to remember to empty such rugs, which is not always easy, as steaming water can be a problem. The advantage of this type of rugs is that in addition to water, sand, salt and other impurities are perfectly collected.

Velvet cc tapis do not work in winter because they soak. As a result, the water from them gets to the floor of the vehicle, soaks into its upholstery. This can have unpleasant consequences for the chassis, which can corrode, not to mention that they are often in close proximity to electronics that should not be in contact with water.